Damian Radcliffe

About time too!

In Daily Links on August 23, 2010 at 5:21 pm

I’m a hoarder. Plain and simple. I hoard everything from books to CDs, tp clothes I honestly believe that I will one day be able to fit into once more.

Above all I like to hoard snippets of information about a whole manner of things which I don’t want to forget.

Until now, I’ve carried around scraps of paper (including many backs of envelopes) , physical notebooks and random pages ripped out of newspapers or magazines. In fact I am looking at a pile of them now.

Deciding that ‘the cloud’ must be a better – more useful, accessible, paperless – way to store this information I’ve finally sat down to create this blog.

Primarily it’s a place for me to store information that I want to come back to at some juncture, be that for work or play.

I’m seldom going to express views on what’s here, but where I do, suffice to say they are my own views and not those of my employer.

Hopefully, in time, this will be a useful resource for others, as well as myself. If so, then I’m happy to have helped!


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