Damian Radcliffe

26/08/10: interesting stuff I read today

In Daily Links on August 26, 2010 at 7:14 pm

Can Africa continue to grow?

Entrepreneurship, urbanisation and the rise of the African consumer.

“Now 80 million households earn at least the equivalent of $5,000 annually, the point where discretionary spending commences—an increase of 80 percent in eight years. Meanwhile, the continent’s GDP has been rising steadily, at around 5 percent a year, for the past decade, reaching $1.6 trillion in 2008. Last year, Africa was one of just two regions (the other was Asia) where GDP rose.”

Keith Moon, the Hells Angels and fundraising at the Oval

It wouldn’t happen now…

“Our view was if the source of the problem is the Internet, then that’s where we need to address it.”

“How digital has transformed Domino’s Pizza’s comms… Every morning Domino’s Pizza CEO, Patrick Doyle, wakes up and, instead of reaching for his daily paper, logs on to social media.”

Jane Miller: ‘I’m not sure I really will die’

“In an extract from her new book Crazy Age, the 77-year-old author takes a stark – and very personal – look at the realities of growing old in the 21st century.”

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