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links for 2011-03-03

In Daily Links on March 4, 2011 at 1:03 am
  • The iPad 2, available in the US from 11 March and in Europe from 25 March, is 33% thinner and 0.2 pounds lighter than its months-old predecessor. It has front and rear-facing cameras, comes in both white and black, and will cost the same as the first-generation iPad. It uses a dual-core processor, which makes it faster than the original iPad, and has the same 10-hour battery life.

    • A new version of Apple's operating system, iOS 4.3, will be released for the iPhone, iPad and fourth-generation iPod Touch, later this month. It will include improved Safari browser performance, improvements for AirPlay and new iMovie and Garageband apps for the iPad.

    • • Apple recently shipped the 100millionth iPhone, and the 200 millionth iTunes and App Store account. More than $2bn has been paid to independent developers since the App Store's launch.

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  • India has ambitious plans to increase graduate numbers in a way which would give it the size and status of an education superpower.

    The figures are staggering. India's government speaks of increasing the university enrolment rate from around 12% at present to 30% of the population by 2025 – approaching the levels of many Western countries.

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