Damian Radcliffe

About this site

This is a link log, an attempt to capture online all the useful things I read, but which I might otherwise forget.  If you also find it useful, then so much the better!

There’s no common thread, or theme, to what’s here. And this site is extremely embryonic. I will develop and enhance it slowly over the coming months. But there’s only so many hours in the day…

Some material here might be related to my day job, but the majority of posts are related to many other things in life that I am interested in (journalism, photography, travel, development issues, London living and more besides).

Suffice to say that any links, comments or observations on this site are written solely in a personal capacity.

You can find me at various other place online:

Here’s my LinkedIn profile which tells you about what I’ve done over the last 15 years.

I am @mrdamian76 on Twitter.

You can see my online book marks here on Delicious – these get imported each day to generate this blog.

Lastly, I keep an online archive of various (mostly work) things I’ve done, which is here: http://www.damianradcliffe.com

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