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31/08/10 Interesting stuff I watched, listened to and read over the Bank Holiday Weekend

In Daily Links on August 31, 2010 at 10:46 pm

Saved from Pakistan’s endless sea

“The UN estimates that 800,000 people remain trapped in areas accessible only by air. A fifth of the country is under water. As many as 5 million people have no shelter at all. Sind alone has 1,800 makeshift relief camps, housing about 700,000 people. Disease remains a significant threat and the numbers needing food aid are rising daily. To complicate matters further, the Taliban threatened last week to target what it called the “unacceptable horde” of foreigners involved in the relief efforts.”

Cow-Pooling: Buying Beef in Mega-Bulk – TIME magazine article from last year I’ve just got round to reading. Friends and families are banding together to buy cheap, grass-fed meat directly from farmers. Great idea. Is their a UK equivalent?

First person stories caught on camera of those who survived Hurricane Katrina five years ago. My recollections of the event are a little hazy, which suggests either the story didn’t get the coverage it deserved here, or else I missed most of it.

Excellent radio adaptation of You Only Live Twice on BBC7; the book is clearly very different to the movie! Clive Merrison’s Japanese accent is more than a bit dodgy though…I think he should stick to being the archetypal Holmes…

Good article on learning languages: – especially relevant for those of us i.e. me, who struggle with English, nevermind anything else.

You learn something every day: “12 Quick Tips To Search Google Like An Expert”.

50 Best Websites 2010 – file under ‘stuff to do on a rainy day’. List c/o Time Magazine.

Best Blogs of 2010 more of the same from Time

The March Of Twitter: Analysis of How And Where Twitter Spread v USA focused but interesting nonetheless:

The internet comes of age: Meet the tweeny bloggers the Indie reports that Children as young as three are firing up their laptops and connecting…

New York’s 10 top boutique bolt holes if only the £ were stronger against the $…

Shetland: the film festival with plenty of latitude – I love the fact that Mark Kermode took his Mum with him. Bless.