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Top Internet, Technology and Social Media Stories, Facts and Links: mid-Jan 2011 to mid-Feb 2011

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Material I bookmarked in the last month and that I thought worth sharing.



Apple’s App Store hits 10 billion downloads

Android Market growth rate outstrips Apple App Store

App Tells Your Friends What You’re Watching – iPhone app analyzes sound to determine what’s on your TV.

Websites and apps for bargain hunters

The Apps Are Here: World Bank Apps for Development Challenge Now Open For Voting The World Bank is giving its data away for free using a contest challenging developers to build apps on top of the data. Apps have come from 30 different countries and more were built in Africa than in Europe.

Creator of Instant Messaging Protocol to Launch App Platform for Your Life – The Locker Project, an open source service will capture  data from users’ activities around the web and offline via sensors, put it firmly in their own possession and then allow them to run local apps that are built to leverage their data.

Mobile App Market: $25 Billion by 2015 – according to a new report from World Mobile Applications Market. The mobile app market was $6.8 billion this year, the report says, but will grow steadily over the next four years to reach $25 billion. Out of that $25 billion, Apple’s App Store will account for 20.5% of total revenues.


News and Journalism

Hands On with The Daily – report on the launch of Rupert Murdoch’s new iPad-only newspaper ‘The Daily’.

The Guardian Launches Its New Subscription-Based iPhone App

The Newsonomics of 2011 news metrics to watch » Nieman Journalism Lab »

Washington Post to Launch Free Personalized News Site  – The Washington Post Co. is to launch a free news-aggregation website, called Trove. It lets readers build their own news site based on topics they choose. By sifting through more than 10,000 news sources,  delivering articles to a personalised page using algorithms that take into account articles a person has read and personal interests. Trove apps for devices like the iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry are also in the pipeline.

Paper.li Raises $2.1 Million To Open Operations In The U.S. And Asia



FCC To Reshape Phone Subsidy Program to Help Boost Rural Broadband – Plan to convert the $8 billion fund that subsidizes rural telephone services into one that will help pay for broadband in underserved areas. The plan will involve reshaping the Universal Service Fund, a decade-old subsidy which is paid for by fees added onto most consumers’ phone bills. That money is then distributed among phone companies to help subsidize the costs of providing services to rural areas.

Vocus Releases Annual Study: State of the Media in 2011 – report sees the US media industry stabilizing; layoffs and closures slow, digital and mobile see growth, Patch.com sites pressure competitive local news


Developing World/Middle East

U.S. Military Can Restore a Country’s Internet – Whether It Likes It or Not – The U.S. military, it turns out, can force a country that has disconnected itself from the Internet back online.

Vodafone Forced to Send Pro-Government Text Messages in Egypt – Vodafone says it was forced to send pro-government messages to its subscribers in Egypt during the country’s recent protests.

Middle East unrest according to Glenn Beck and friends … – Guardian curated round up – with video clips – from US rightwing commentators on recent upheaval in the Middle East.



Super Bowl 2011: Christina Aguilera and Groupon fluff their … “The history books will say that the Pittsburgh Steelers lost 2011’s Super Bowl XLV – but on the night the biggest losers were the pop star Christina Aguilera and the cut-price internet site Groupon.”

Why Groupon’s Super Bowl Ad Was So Offensive

Group-buying – does it deliver? | Money | The Guardian

Foursquare Launches Business Pages



Smartphones Outsell PCs – According to IDC, smartphone manufacturers shipped 100.9 million devices in the fourth quarter of 2010, while PC manufacturers shipped 92.1 million units worldwide. Or, more simply put, smartphones just outsold PCs for the first time ever.


Social Networking

Social Media Marketing By The Numbers [Infographic]

Everything (almost) that you need to know about social networks -Infographic crib sheet with facts about Facebook and Twitter as well as social networking around the world.

Social Network Ad Outlook Is Modest And Unclear – Deloitte predicts that in 2011 social networks are likely to surpass the milestone of one billion unique members. They may deliver over 2 trillion advertisements.

A Question for Quora – Technology Review – “Quality of content and community is diametrically opposed to mass market success,” says Burbidge. “Having worked on Answers, I can tell that the level of quality is going to drop from the very high level it is at now as more people sign up.”

Social networking under fresh attack …

Facebook ‘friends’ did not act on suicide note …


Social Media Tools

Training Handouts « Claire Wardle, PhD – Six terrific ‘slideshows’: Google Advanced Search, Delicious, Aggregators and RSS, Facebook, Twitter and Image & Audio tools: Flickr, Picfog and Audioboo

YouTube – First Follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy – fun video with a social media message

5 Ways to publish your social media messages – 10,000 Words



Who are the top UK journalists on twitter?

100 Most Influential UK Journalists on Twitter

Twitter’s Advertising Revenue May Triple to $150 Million



LinkedIn plans to float this year | Technology | guardian.co.ukLinkedIn plans to float this year – Private shares in the company changed hands at an implied valuation of $2.5bn (£1.6bn).

LinkedIn Said to Be Worth Almost $3 Billion in Secondary Sale …

5 things you didn’t know you could do with LinkedIn – 10,000 …



LEAKED: AOL’s Master Plan – Leaked slides and editorial summary of AOL’s vision for the next couple of years.

Huffington Post to be sold to AOL for $315m

Huffington Post sale: who gets the $315m?


Everything Else

Microsoft Ships 8 Million Kinect Devices, to Add Hulu

Google, Microsoft Added Internet-Search Market Share in December

10 per cent of users take 90 per cent of mobile data …

The State of the Blogosphere 2010 ” – Brian Solis

Chancellor crowdsources for budget ideas – No 11’s ‘online portal’ where the public can submit ideas for the March 23 budget.

Can We Crowdfund Our Lives? – “What do a chipped tooth, a world record and the relocation of a popular café in downtown Oakland all have in common? Each needed money to achieve a goal and, rather than going the usual routes of taking out loans or operating on credit, each found funding through crowd funding.”

7 Innovative online maps – 10,000 Words

MC Hammer Is Just Another Tech Geek – the 90’s rap icon MC Hammer made a fortune, lost it, and is now an investor in 8 different tech companies.

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Top Internet, Technology and Social Media Stories, Facts and Links: mid Sept to mid Oct 2010

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Social Media – General

What They Know – WSJ – “The Journal analyzed the tracking files installed on people’s computers by the 50 most popular U.S. websites, plus WSJ.com. The Journal also built an “exposure index” — to determine the degree to which each site exposes visitors to monitoring — by studying the tracking technologies they install and the privacy policies that guide their use.”

The rise of social media and its impact on mainstream journalism – Working paper from Nic Newman.

101 Social Media Marketing Terms Explained

How Do You Balance Personal and Professional on Social Media? – “Social media is all about people connecting with people, and so your true personality is bound to come out — no real point in trying to hide who you are as a person.”

36 Awesome Social Media Blogs Everyone Should Read

The Future of Social Media in Journalism – “The future of social media in journalism will see the death of “social media.” That is, all media as we know it today will become social, and feature a social component to one extent or another. After all, much of the web experience, particularly in the way we consume content, is becoming social and personalized.”


Twitter plans to step up monetisation by allowing advertisers to use data on which brands and people users follow to target ‘promoted tweets’. Product manager Shiva Rajaraman said: “Who you follow is a good indicator of what you are interested in. As we move forward, we are going to implement targeting mechanisms that allow people to engage their audience in that way. We are starting with essentially keywords but the basic goal is to build out interests based on who you’re following.”

Twitter has rolled out what they have called the “biggest overhaul of its web page in its four-year history”, incorporating images, video and other media into its main page in a bid to increase stickiness.

Best of the Greater Manchester Police 24-hour Twitter experiment – Between 5am on Thursday 14 October and 5am today (Friday 15 October) the northern police force dealt with 3,205 incidents and posted the details of every alleged misdemeanour on micro-blog Twitter.

Twitter’s Impact On News Traffic Is Tiny | paidContent:UK – Facebook sends 13 times more clicks to news sites than Twitter in France, according to European internet monitor AT Internet Institute.

16 bitchin’ commands and shortcuts for Twitter | Econsultancy


Facebook is introducing new procedures to identify accounts which have been hacked after admitting fraud has become a “major issue” for the company.

Six Reasons Why I’m Not On Facebook, By Wired UK’s Editor – “My cautious use of the social networks has nothing to do with paranoia about privacy; and yes, I celebrate the unprecedented transparency and connectivity that these services can empower. But what’s increasingly bothering me is the wider social and political cost of our ever-greater enmeshment in these proprietary networks. Here are half a dozen reasons why.”


MySpace is to undergo a “dramatic remake” to return it to its “roots of music, discovery and self-expression”.  

Internet TV

Virgin Media CEO Neil Birkett said internet TV will “make people fall in love with their television sets again”, expressing confidence that Virgin’s status as a “trusted brand” will ensure it is well positioned to persuade consumers to take up new services.

Sony has announced a range of Wi-Fi enabled TVs built on Google’s Android platform, which allow users to find content online via Google’s search engine. They can toggle between live TV, or browse online content while regular TV plays in a corner of the screen. Jeff Goldstein, vice president of connected home products and services for Sony, said: “There’s a lot of folks out there who want to see something more out of their TV. I think the adoption rate on this type of device is going to be very fast.”

Google TV product manager Ambarish Kenghe said in a blog posting that the group has been working with “some leading technology and media companies to optimise their content for Google TV, including news sites like The New York Times and USA Today… information networks like Twitter and online networks like blip.tv.” Reported here.

A Google spokeswoman said the group “does not have any specific plans for advertising” on its Google TV service as yet, although industry sources said Google has set out plans to sell ads alongside viewer search results.

Project Canvas is now YouView.

Initial iterations of YouView will not feature a web-browser, “We’ve essentially built a TV experience” that will function in a similar way to Apple’s App store said Richard Halton. “For content providers, it means you can create a TV experience that’s tailored for the TV set. The reason mobile apps work is because they’ve been tailored for the mobile. In a way, that’s even more so for the TV set, because you’re 10 feet away from the screen.”

Apple has launched  a new version of its Apple TV set-top box priced at $99, less than half previous iterations, as well as unveiling a new interface which allows users to stream movies from Netflix as well as content from the iTunes store.

Ofcom has formally handed over responsibility for editorial complaints related to online and VoD content to the Association for TV On Demand. The Advertising Standards Association retains oversight of advertising across the platforms.


Nearly two-thirds of US adults with cell phones say they have slept with their phone on or right next to their bed.

 A study by Orange found that 13% of smartphone owners said they consume more online newspaper content as a result of their handset’s capabilities; however 14% of people who access the internet via mobiles said they read fewer newspapers as a consequence.

TNS Digital Life | Internet Statistics & Social Media Usage | Online … Interviewing almost 50,000 consumers across 46 countries, including all BRIC and most N-11 markets, Digital Life is the largest, most comprehensive study of the Global Digital Consumer, ever. These markets represent 88% of the global Digital population; we cover markets from where Digital is close to ubiquitous to those beginning their digital journey whether through PC at home, mobile or internet cafés.

Social networking makes you happy – New research has established a direct link between IT access and happiness; social networking and instant messaging were found to provide the biggest benefit. In contrast to the stereotype that IT causes social isolation, the research reveals that the biggest positive contribution that IT access makes to the newly connected is the additional social contact with family and friends.

Almost Half of All British Using Social Media While Watching TV – With the rise of ‘event TV’ like X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing and sporting events, more and more British viewers are using social networks and instant messaging to chat to friends as the events unfold according to research from Intel has found that almost half of (45%) Brits have admitted to using sites like Twitter, Facebook and MSN messenger to discuss a TV programme whilst it’s on air.


Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer confirmed the group will roll-out Windows-based tablet devices in time for the Christmas market.

The FT says its new Apple iPad app had generated more than £1m in ad revenues since it was launched in May, with more than 400,000 subscribers. It represents 10% of the paper’s new digital subscriptions. Traditional print advertising now accounts for just 40% of the FT’s overall revenue.

Ofgem said it expects electricity traffic to double over the next decade, warning investment of about £32bn will be required to ensure networks can meet demand.


Toshiba plans to launch the world’s first LCD TV which offers 3D images without requiring viewers to wear 3D glasses.

Sky has launched its 3D TV channel, the first in Europe, kicking off with coverage of the Ryder Cup. Viewers require a Sky+HD package, a 3D-enabled TV and glasses. Virgin Media said it plans to produce its own 3D content from events such as the V Festival. Its own 3D VoD service is now live.

A YouGov survey of 4,199 Britons for Deloitte revealed only 89 respondents planned to buy a 3D-enabled TV set over the coming year. Five per cent of 25-34-year-olds said they would invest over the next 12 months, while only one per cent of over-45s said they would buy a 3D set.


Google CEO Eric Schmidt believes computers will be able to suggest useful information based on past preferences, the location of the user and the time of day.

Google Agonizes on Privacy as Ad World Vaults Ahead – A confidential, seven-page Google Inc. “vision statement” shows the information-age giant in a deep round of soul-searching over a basic question: How far should it go in profiting from its crown jewels—the vast trove of data it possesses about people’s activities?

Mergers & Acquisitions

AOL has bought TechCrunch for an undisclosed sum. AOL CEO Tim Armstrong said: “We’ll try to be as hands-off as possible.”


The News of the World’s online content is now behind a paywall, costing £1 a day or £1.99 for a month’s access. Editor Colin Myler said the switch represented a “very significant moment in the history of the News of the World”, adding the site would have a “real focus on exclusive video and pictures”. An iPad app is to follow which will cost £1.19 per week.

Google plans to add social features to its core products this autumn, adding he hopes people will use the site to grow their network of contacts. Eric Schmidt said: “The best thing that would happen is for Facebook to open up its data. Failing that, there are other ways to get that information.”

Sir Tim Berners-Lee criticised recent calls by telcos and tech groups for net neutrality to be superseded by a tiered pricing regime.  “The moment you let net neutrality go, you lose the web as it is. You lose something essential – the fact that any innovator can dream up an idea and set up a website at some random place and let it just take off from word of mouth.”


Fox Mobile has launched its Bitbop subscription mobile entertainment service, which offers unlimited streaming of TV shows for $10 per month, on Android-powered handsets.

Verizon Wireless has launched a media storage service which allows users to back up 25 gigabytes’ worth of documents, photographs and other unprotected content from their phone to the cloud. The $2.99 monthly service’s aim is to ultimately allow the content to be viewable on TVs, phones, PCs and tablets.

A report in the Independent said new research found that smartphones running Google’s Android software could take the largest share of the global market by 2014 – rising from a less than 4% share last year. Gartner said Android’s share will hit 17.7% by the end of the year, overtaking Research In Motion’s BlackBerry (17.5%).

The BBC has launched the latest version of its iPlayer VoD service following beta tests. New features include a facility to download programmes ahead of linear broadcast, which can be viewed immediately after transmission, and integration with social networks Facebook and Twitter.


Sony has unveiled MusicUnlimited, a cloud-based music streaming service which it said will “deliver a variety of digital entertainment content and services” within its Qriocity online platform. The service will initially launch in five European countries, including the UK, and will be available across devices including web-enabled Bravia TVs, PlayStation 3 consoles, Vaio laptops and Blu-ray players.

Government will pay you to download music legally…in France – The French government will subsidise young music fans who agree to download music legally, by footing the bill. Under the scheme, French residents will purchase a card, called the Carte Musique, to download music from subscription-based website platforms. But they will only pay half the cost of the €50 credit included in the card, because the French government will step in to pay the rest.


Video calling is poised to become a mainstream consumer sector, with Cisco and Logitech are to launch ‘couch-to-couch’ offerings this autumn, while Microsoft will add the function to its Xbox 360 console alongside its Kinect motion controller in November.

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  • New research has established a direct link between IT access and happiness; social networking and instant messaging were found to provide the biggest benefit. In contrast to the stereotype that IT causes social isolation, the research reveals that the biggest positive contribution that IT access makes to the newly connected is the additional social contact with family and friends.
  • With the rise of 'event TV' like X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing and sporting events, more and more British viewers are using social networks and instant messaging to chat to friends as the events unfold according to research from Intel has found that almost half of (45%) Brits have admitted to using sites like Twitter, Facebook and MSN messenger to discuss a TV programme whilst it's on air.
    (tags: socialmedia tv)
  • The Financial Times is creating a separate, spin-off website covering emerging global markets. We first reported about FT Tilt in July, when its purpose was unclear. Now we’ve learned from the publisher that: “The name ‘Tilt’ was inspired by the recognition that global economic and financial power are tilting south and east.” Tilt will be based in New York but will staff bureau in regions including Latin America, the Middle East and Asia.
  • Once, pretty much everywhere, beating your wife and children was regarded as a father's duty, homosexuality was a hanging offense, and waterboarding was approved — in fact, invented — by the Catholic Church. Through the middle of the 19th century, the United States and other nations in the Americas condoned plantation slavery. Many of our grandparents were born in states where women were forbidden to vote. And well into the 20th century, lynch mobs in this country stripped, tortured, hanged and burned human beings at picnics. Looking back at such horrors, it is easy to ask: What were people thinking?

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